Want To Paint The Interior Of Your Home? 3 Tips For Avoiding Pet-Related Problems

When you are no longer excited to walk into your home due to its stale appearance, you may be interested in a change. But, you may not want to replace your furniture or decorations. An excellent alternative is to paint the interior of your home (with the help of professionals such as Kucker Haney Paint Co), in which you can create several styles in various rooms. If you have a home full of pets, you should take the time to prepare before having your house painted.  

Board Your Animals the Day Before

While you could keep your animals in a single room that is not being painted in the beginning, you would eventually have to move them into an area that has been freshly painted. Also, the emissions that come from paint, especially when it is going through the initial drying period can be harmful to your pets. To avoid putting them in a dangerous situation, you should just make plans to board them the day before. Ideally, you should keep them out of the home until the paint has had several days to dry completely.

Prioritize Sheens with Gloss

Pets are not the cleanest animals, and they certainly do not understand house rules. So, while you can avoid touching your wet or dirty feet on the walls, your pets may wipe their paws without thinking. This is a major problem for sheens such as flat or matte because they are extremely difficult to clean. You would likely have to do a touch-up paint job to clean the walls of noticeable dirt marks. But, you can avoid this problem by picking paint with a semi-gloss or glossy sheen, which are both very easy to clean. Since these sheens are also great at resisting moisture, wet marks only take a wipe of a towel to disappear.

Deep Clean the House Beforehand

Cats shed throughout the year and dogs can shed, depending on their breed, so it is not uncommon to find their hair floating around the house. The major problem that you want to avoid is having pet hair getting stuck to the paint while it is drying on the walls. By deep cleaning your house before the project, and preferably after you board your pets, you can greatly minimize the risk of this happening.

Painting your home is an amazing way to achieve a new look that you love. But, to avoid issues related to your pets, you should do some planning before you hire professionals to start working.