Avoid Streaky Lines With Your Interior Paint With 3 Easy Tips

Painting the interior of your home, whether you focus on the living room or a bedroom, can be a great project for improving the way that your home looks, but you may be apprehensive if you want the paint job to look professional. While hiring a professional is a good idea, it may not be in your budget right now and you're still set on handling the work on your own. Since streaking is one of the biggest problems people face when painting their home on their own, the following tips can go a long way towards improving the way the paint looks.

Apply a Coat of Primer Ahead of Time

An easy way to prevent streaking from occurring is by applying primer that will get the wall smooth and ready for paint to be applied. Starting from the corners and trim of the walls and moving inwards can help you create an even surface and make priming a simple task. If you're concerned with the extra work that goes into painting over a dark color—especially when you've chosen a light shade for the new painted walls—it's important that you don't skip the step of priming the walls before painting.

Make Sure the Paint Isn't Too Thin

One mistake people can make when painting their walls on their own is not allowing the paint to thicken enough. When you first open the paint can, it's important that it's mixed thoroughly and that the roller brush isn't dripping when you first begin to roll it onto the walls. Not only can a dripping paint brush lead to streaked walls since the paint can begin to run, it can also damage your flooring due to paint getting somewhere that a painting tarp hasn't been laid down.

Help the Paint Dry Quickly to Avoid Running

When the paint is left wet on the walls for too long, that is when you can expect it to begin dripping down the walls. An easy way to avoid this from happening is by speeding up the drying through the use of fans or by opening the windows. By increasing the air circulation in the rooms that have been painted, the paint can quickly dry and won't risk dripping down the walls, leaving behind stripes.

As you look into what is involved with interior painting, you may decide that professional help is worth the trouble. If this is the case, look for same-day painters like LaPlace And Eagan LLC that can help provide a professional result.