4 Tips To Help Create Bathroom Spaces That Work Well

Bathroom spaces are a valuable addition to your home, but they can be difficult to design. If you have a limited amount of space or obstacles, you want to do remodeling designs that work well and do not increase costs. Here are some bathroom remodeling tips to help work designs into available space.

1. Showers in Small Bathrooms for Safer, More Affordable Remodeling Solutions

In smaller spaces, showers are often a great solution to replace old damaged bathtubs. Showers with glass enclosures give you the benefit of a safer bathroom because of the slip and fall risks that come with tubs, as well as a feeling of a more open design for your renovations. There are also options like creating a spa enclosure with a new bathroom design. A wood finishing service can help with the installation of materials like cedar or other natural woods that work well in sauna and shower designs for bathrooms.

2. Recycling and Refinishing to Save Money on Materials When Remodeling

The bathroom is also an area where you may want to consider recycling and refinishing materials to save money. You may want to consider refinishing things like antique enamel finishes like tubs. The wood of cabinetry and woodwork can also be refinished to give it a newly restored look.

3. Minimalist Design to Give Your Bathroom More Space and A Modern Design

In small bathrooms, minimalist designs work well because of the small amount of space that you must work with. A minimalist design is using as few materials as possible to keep space open, such as a pedestal sink without any cabinetry, shelves and glass features. There is even hardware that have hidden designs, so these materials are less visible in modern designs.

4. Energy Savings and Spacious Feeling with Natural Light in Bathroom Designs  

You can also make your bathroom more energy efficient with more natural lighting features. This can be done by using larger windows or skylights to give bathrooms more natural light. You may also want to consider lighter colors for paint and wood finishes in your bathroom, which will help to reflect natural light and make your bathroom brighter. If you have natural wood features in your bathroom, talk with the contractor about giving them a more natural finish.

These are some bathroom remodeling tips to help work with available space and obstacles. If you are ready to start with renovations, contact a remodeling service to help create designs that work best for the needs of your home.