How Do You Keep Wood Rot From Taking Your Home?

If you recently discovered wood rot in your home, you may want to remove the decayed wood as quickly as you can. Wet wood can become a haven for wood-decaying fungi. Wood-eating fungi can rapidly take over your home and any structures attached to it. Here are things you can do to keep wood rot from taking over your home.

Remove or Treat the Rotting Wood

Rotting wood can become weak and brittle enough to crumble. The crumbling wood can't support your home's beams, roofing system, and other structures properly. You can do several things to make your home sound again. You can restore the wood with an epoxy-based treatment, or you can remove and replace the wood altogether. 

If you choose to restore the damaged wood in your home, you must first dry it out completely. If the wood is found in hard-to-access places, such as your attic or basement, you can place large ventilation fans in the rooms. You can also use dehumidifiers to dry out your home, including your master bedroom and kitchen.

After you dry out the house completely, fill and treat the wood with your epoxy treatment. You can now take additional steps to keep your home secure from wood-decaying fungi.

Paint the Treated Wood

The most important thing you can do right now is paint your home. If you leave your treated wood uncovered, it can still be affected by moisture in the future. Painting the walls, floorboards, ceiling, cabinets, and other structures with a product that resists mildew, wood rot, and other types of fungi can help prolong the life of your home. 

Although you can paint the treated wood yourself, it's probably best if you hire a residential painting service instead. Many painters work with wood-damaged homes, so the company you hire may know how to cover the treated wood in your home properly. Painters may also offer water-resistant paint that helps keep moisture out of each area of your home, including your attic, basement, and attached garage.

After your home is secure, you'll need to check it periodically for wood rot and excess moisture. You can test your home yourself, or you can hire a professional contractor to do it for you. Also, repair any structures on your roof that allow moisture to penetrate your home, including missing chimney and skylight flashing.

For more information about keeping wood rot out of your home, contact a residential painting company today.