Is It Time For A Kitchen Remodel?

Have you lived in your present home for a very long time? Perhaps you have recently moved into an older home. In either case, you may have decided that it's time for a total kitchen remodel job. From arranging for house painting to choosing new furniture, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Wall Treatment 

Have you already decided that you want the walls in your kitchen to be painted? If so, does old wall paper need to be removed first? If you are a total do-it-yourself person, go for it. However, if the job seems too large for you, consider hiring residential painting professionals to totally redo your kitchen walls. The painters will have the experience and the right tools that are needed to get the old wall paper off and they will prepare the walls for the final paint job.

Perhaps you have already decided what look you want for your kitchen, but you're not sure which color to select in order to achieve that look. The painters will more than likely be able to help you make the choice of which color of paint to select. For example, if you tell the painter that you want to establish a farm look in your kitchen, the painters might recommend that you select barn red for at least one of the walls. If that seems too bold for you, the painters will be happy to paint just a small section of the wall so that you can get an idea of whether you will like that color or not.

The Furniture

Are you establishing a theme in your kitchen? For example, if you have decided on a farm look, consider buying unpainted wooden furniture. The same service that painted your walls will also be happy to paint your unfinished kitchen table and chairs. If you went with barn red for the walls, or for part of the walls, consider choosing something like butter yellow for the paint color for your furniture.

Perhaps you selected a totally different color, say for a contemporary kitchen. Perhaps you went with white paint and the painters added a stripe design to the paint job. For a contemporary look, consider buying metal furniture. Or, select a metal table and then choose turquoise paint for wooden ladder back chairs. Whether you go with unpainted furniture or whether you go with metal furniture, think of buying a shelf where you can display things like your cookbooks and other collectibles.