Is Your Old Fixer Upper Home a Real Eye Sore? Paint Can Be the Transformation You Need

It can be hard to see the optimism in an older home when you buy it knowing that it needs a lot of work, but often just paint can make a big difference. If you step back and look at the property, consider what you can do with it once you paint all the walls a neutral tone that is light and also bright, and how paint can improve the house in many other ways. Here are just a few things to contemplate when you are ready to make the changes.

Pay the Professionals

Painting is something that can be messy, so you have to pay attention to detail and you need to have the right tools. Investing money in professionals can help you ensure that the paint was worth the time and money spent, and you want the job to look great when it's done. Talk with different local painting services to get quotes on all the paint that you need, and talk with them about the tools they use and the paint they prefer.

Invest in High-Quality Paint

High-quality paint is an important part of any painting project. All paint isn't the same, so you want exterior paint that isn't going to wear, chip, and that is easy to wash. This means you aren't touching the paint up all the time. This also means that if you have handprints or splattered food, you can easily wipe off without having to worry about removing a layer of paint.

Do Trim and Ceilings  

Outdated trim can be an eyesore but can also be a large financial cost to replace. Look at the condition of the current trim and get a quote to have it sanded and repainted white or another modern stain. Painting the ceilings is also something that should be done while the other rooms are painted. Bright white open ups the space and makes each room seem lighter, and it helps make the house feel clean.

Your old house can be dramatically improved and transformed with just the help of some paint on the walls, trim and ceilings in the space. Talk with the experts to get accurate quotes for the work that you want them to do. If the outside siding on the house bothers you as well, you'll have to determine if you want to spend the extra money to have the exterior painted as well.