Things To Consider When The Interior Walls Of Your Office Building Need Fresh Paint

Commercial interior painting services can help freshen up the interior walls of your office building. What is old looks much nicer with a new coat of paint. However, there are a few things you will need to consider as you begin looking for professional commercial painters. 

Low Fumes

Most commercial office buildings cannot open windows to get a decent cross-breeze. Ventilation for painting is important, as it will keep most people from becoming dizzy and disoriented from the fumes. If you do not have a lot of windows that you can open in your building during the painting project, ask your painters if they can use low fume paint. This type of paint is ideal for areas where ventilation and circulation of the air is a bit of a problem. Low- or zero-VOC paint is what you want in these situations, so be sure to ask your painter about these types of low-fume paint. 

Choosing Colors and Finishes

Choose some updated colors to paint the office walls. Cheerier colors can help boost morale and productivity, and other colors can create a sense of calm if several employees are feeling stressed. Ask your painting contractor what colors he/she might suggest, and request that he/she suggest something beyond the usual "neutral" palette of colors that are used on office walls. As for the finishes, if you cannot get enough light into the office, consider a semi-gloss or high gloss, which is reflective of the light available and will make the office brighter. If you get plenty of natural light in the office, consider eggshell, semi-matte, or matte finishes, which help reduce glare from natural sunlight and window reflections. 

Closing During Office Painting

Another thing to consider is that painters need room to work. They have to cover everything in tarps or move it out of the way. That said, you might want to close your business doors during the painting process. It removes any possibility of employees and visitors to the office accidentally getting paint on their clothes or getting a minor injury. If you do not want to close your business doors, the painters will have to work on small areas at a time, in rotation, until the interior walls of the whole office building have been repainted. Areas that are in progress will have to be roped off, and everyone working near those areas will have to be temporarily relocated.