Wall Wise: Creative Ways To Use Accent Walls In Your Home's Interior

If you have decided it is time to dress up the interior of your home by giving it a new paint job, you should consider having your painting contractor add a few accent walls. Accent walls can create a specific place in a room to display items or to simply add a fun pop of color to the room. They are perfect for creating a focal point in a room and can be a welcome change from single-color walls.

Create a focal point

If you want to create a point of interest in a room, an accent wall is up to the task. Perhaps you have a beautiful painting you want to display so it stands out. Painting an accent wall in a contrasting color from the rest of the room will naturally draw the eye to that wall when people enter the room.

Focal walls are also great for creating a home photo gallery wall. For instance, in a room with white walls, use a black accent wall for your photo gallery. Choose white picture frames to provide a sophisticated and dramatic look in the room that grabs attention.

Dress up a playroom or kid's bedroom

Accent walls will be right at home in a kid's bedroom or playroom. In a kid's playroom or bedroom, an accent wall can be used like a backdrop to display your child's latest painting or drawing. Your child will be thrilled to have one wall painted in a favorite color in their bedroom, so make sure you get them involved in choosing the paint color.

Get creative with color

Accent walls make it easy to play with colors to create a specific mood in a room. For instance, a bright red accent wall paired with gray walls will add a refreshing and energizing feel to a living room or dining area. For a fun and playful look in a bedroom or home office, accent light pink walls with a lime green wall.

Some other fun color combinations include beige and rustic brown, yellow and gray, or lavender and seafoam green. Whether you want to create a warm and cozy feeling in a room or brighten the room with a unique color combination, accent walls allow you plenty of room to get creative.

From using fun color combinations to creating a focal point in a room, accent walls can breathe new life into a boring room. Accent walls allow you to use bolder colors in your home that may be too overwhelming for an entire room. Adding accent walls to your home's interior is a wise decision you will not regret.

For more information, reach out to a home interior painting business in your area.