Design A Unique Kitchen With Two-Tone Cabinets By Refinishing

Since replacing all the cabinetry in your kitchen can be expensive and unnecessary depending on their condition, it's wise to explore your options for refinishing. You can make a dramatic difference in your kitchen by exploring some of the design options that are available through cabinet refinishing. 

Instead of choosing a basic style for your cabinets, consider the options available through two-tone cabinets and the unique details you can enjoy. 

Upper and Bottom

As you explore your options for refinishing your cabinets, you'll want to explore the options for upper and bottom cabinets. Two-tone cabinets could simply mean you leave the bottom cabinet the current color and paint the upper cabinet a different color. 

Separating the two cabinets with their own colors can make your kitchen look entirely different and can be the ideal way to add a pop of color that you would have otherwise avoided. 

Natural Wood 

If you're eager to have a new look in your kitchen, consider the difference natural wood makes. Wood cabinetry is a timeless option that can vary in the finishes, allowing you to find cabinetry that fits into your kitchen wonderfully without clashing with other design choices. 

Wood can be incorporated with two-tone cabinets by choosing wood for the upper or bottom cabinets and the other can be painted. This can allow you to combine different styles and make your kitchen have a unique appearance you'll enjoy more. 


When refinishing your cabinets, consider the difference the right hardware can make. Instead of your kitchen lacking when it comes to hardware, look for interesting knobs and pulls for the cabinets and drawers.

Even with two-tone cabinets that have a unique appearance, try to stick to the same finish for the hardware. This can ensure that your kitchen looks put together and you can avoid a situation where the hardware sticks out negatively. 

Glass Panels 

Refinishing your cabinetry can come with a lot of options that allow you to personalize them to your preferences. Glass panels can look fantastic on cabinets of varying colors and styles, making it easier for you to combine different materials to create your dream kitchen.

As you prepare to refinish your cabinets, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Instead of being disappointed with the limited options for refinishing compared to replacing the cabinets entirely, the above ideas can help you find a style that looks fantastic and is easy to implement through refinishing. 

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