5 Steps For Handling Rot On Your Home's Exterior

If you have wood siding or trim on your home, then rot can be an issue. The problem will only become worse and spread if it is ignored. Fortunately, an exterior painting service can both repair the rot and ensure that the problem doesn't happen again. 

1. Rot Check

It's important to know if there is rot present before painting the house. You can check for rot on your own with the help of a coin or flathead screwdriver. Gently press the edge of the item you are using into each piece of trim or siding. If it sinks in, then the wood has become soft due to rot. Any trim or siding lengths that fail the rot test will need to be replaced before further repairs are made.

2. Seal Replacement

A common area for water incursion is around the seals between the siding and door or window frames. These areas are typically sealed with caulk or both caulk and a flashing piece. Simply painting over the old seals won't permanently fix any gaps. Your painters should scrape out and remove any old, cracked seals so that they can be replaced with new ones. 

3. Surface Cleaning

Paint doesn't adhere well to old peeling paint or dirty surfaces. Plus, any mildew or mold spores left on the siding or trim can begin to grow and cause rot issues beneath the surface of the new paint. Your painters will use a combination of cleaning methods to prepare the surface. This may include scrubbing with special cleansers, power washing, and scraping off old paint. 

4. Prevention Priming

The proper primer makes the paint last longer, which reduces exposure and rot, and it will also prevent mold and mildew growth from occurring again. Your painters will apply the proper primer to both the siding and trim, taking care to ensure there is no bare wood remaining. An added benefit of primer is that it helps even out the surface color so it takes fewer coats of actual paint to cover the house. Plus, the paint adheres better so it is less prone to peeling or flaking.

5. Full Coverage

Full paint coverage of all wood surfaces on your home's exterior is the key to preventing future rot problems. Your painters will use a combination of paint sprayers, rollers, and brushes to ensure paint covers all nooks and crannies, including areas that have been patched with wood fillers prior to painting. You can further prevent rot by inspecting your home's exterior periodically and applying touch-up paint to cover any scratches that reveal the wood in the future. 

Contact an exterior painting contractor for more info.