5 Tips To Take The Work Out Of After-Paint Clean-Up

A relatively quick way to freshen up a stale home is to get busy painting the interior. The dullest of rooms can be given a new life with a simple coat of paint. Some people don't enjoy painting because of all of the clean-up work that follows, but you can make clean-up much easier for yourself. Here, you will learn several tips that will help you do just that. Tape Off Edges

Sandblasting – A Safe And Effective Way To Remove Paint From Bricks

If you have painted brick on your home that you would like to restore to the original finish, you want to do so without using chemicals or damaging the brick and mortar. Sandblasting is likely the best option for you to consider. To complete this project you will need: Sheets of wood Paneling nails Plastic tarps Silica sand abrasive Sandblaster – rented if you don't own one Respirator, gloves and safety goggles Prep the Area

Want To Refresh Your Home Before Listing? 4 Projects A Painting Contractor Can Help With

Exterior painting often brings about the idea of painting the siding of the home. While this is certainly an option, there are a number of great projects that can impact the way your home looks from the outside without costing as much money. Whatever your budget may be, you should consider some of the following projects so that you can improve the way your home looks and get a personalized look that you will love.

How To Maintain A Pneumatic Spray Gun

The best way to effectively paint a rough exterior surface like stucco, brick, or hardwood is to use a pneumatic spray gun instead of a paint roller. Since you will probably need to rent a gun for a few days, it is important that you properly maintain it to keep it working and spraying a consistent stream. Most paint gun rentals will come with basic instructions, but they usually focus on the actual operation of the gun and fail to explain the best maintenance techniques.