5 Steps For Handling Rot On Your Home's Exterior

If you have wood siding or trim on your home, then rot can be an issue. The problem will only become worse and spread if it is ignored. Fortunately, an exterior painting service can both repair the rot and ensure that the problem doesn't happen again.  1. Rot Check It's important to know if there is rot present before painting the house. You can check for rot on your own with the help of a coin or flathead screwdriver.

3 Signs You Need A New Paint Job On Your Commercial Building

A beautifully painted commercial building is always pleasant to the eye and can draw more business. Therefore, you need to keep your internal and external walls well painted and maintain them with regular cleaning. However, wear and tear will creep onto your walls over the years, and thus, you have to repaint your walls. But how do you know it's time to call a commercial building painting expert? Here are a few tell-tale signs.